The Center for Behavioral and Decision Research (CBDR) is an interdisciplinary research center at Carnegie Mellon University that brings together scholars from behavioral economics, psychology, organizational behavior, marketing, and public policy.  The group meets to engage in a vigorous exchange of ideas with speakers from around the globe in weekly seminars and performs cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

CBDR provides researchers with a mixture of resources including specialized lab spaces, an active participant pool, computers, and equipment.  In addition, the center supports its members with direct funding for new research projects.

Affiliates investigate topics that are both on the forefront of their respective fields of research and of interest to the public. Topics include (but are not limited to): trust and fairness, memory and decision making, group behavior, saving and spending behavior, the effects of race, power, gender and hierarchy, moral and ethical behavior, and public health. 

 COVID - 19 Update: At this time, all in-person CBDR studies have been postponed until further notice. The online participation pool remains unaffected.

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Learn more about CBDR's labs, resources, and grant opportunities in the Information for Researchers guide.